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From Our Clients

"Wright Construction Services, Inc. is a leader in the construction industry. The outstanding construction services, leadership and cooperation provided by Wright Construction Services, Inc. in our project have also been witnessed by my colleagues in other districts who have worked directly with them. Without reservation, I would recommend Wright Construction Services, Inc. for your next construction project.

Dr Daniel Dozier, Superintendent of Schools
Orchard Farm School District
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Wentzville School District May 2015.pdf

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Wright Updates!

Wright Construction has launched a nonprofit Building Change ... We Care. We Can. We Will aimed at hosting various events throughout the year beginning June, 8, 2019, with our inaugural walk - 22 Strong (Support THEIR Sacrifice ... End VETERAN Suicide). More details and registration link will be made available soon.

QuikTrip #0651 (Union Road / St. Louis, Missouri) was completed in December 2018, and construction is scheduled to begin on QuikTrip #0639 (Lusher Road / St. Louis, Missouri) in October 2018.

Construction on the Union Branch Scenic Regional Library (Union, Missouri) has started and progressing as planned.  We are again looking forward to a successful collaboration with Scenic Regional Libraries and JEMA as this marks the eighth Scenic Regional Library Branch the team will build together.

Metro Fire Protection District, FGM Architects, and Wright Construction have teamed up again.  Construction is scheduled to begin on the Fire House #5 Renovation in Wildwood, Missouri.  We look forward to another successful project.  

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