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About Wright Construction

Wright Construction Services, Inc., was founded in February 2006 by Thomas F. Wright, Daniel J. Dreckmann, and Daniel J. Wagner together representing over 60 years of commercial and light industrial construction experience with an excess of $7 billion dollars in construction projects throughout the country.  The Company expects to be considered the service leader in the construction industry. 

Understanding the customer’s expectations is crucial in the success of each project.  Wright Construction Services, Inc., strives to develop creative solutions to satisfy the needs and challenges of its clients on every project.  The Wright representatives will be ambassadors for the construction consumer thus conducting business in the best interest of every customer. Wright’s success is contingent on the successful experience of the customer's construction process.

Wright Construction Services Inc., in turn strives to employ and train highly skilled individuals in the “office” and the “field” who demonstrate experience reducing risk and delivering high quality projects.  Employees are encouraged to think outside the box and focus on solutions through ingenuity and diligence in contributing to the overall success of all projects. 

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